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About us

Here you can read about us and what we offer

From hobby to professional web site in wine

During more than 30 years in international telecom business, Anders had the opportunity to travel the world and gathered impressions also about the world of wine. There the interest in wine arose, but Anders did not have time to plunge deeper into the subject. With his masters in engineering and business administration Anders was experienced in studying and later went back to school again to bring order into his knowledge in wine.

Anders has exams as sommelier from Restaurangakademien in Stockholm, English WSETs Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits, California Wine Institutes California Certification in Wine and Bourgogne Masterclass course at Restaurangakademien in Stockholm. Anders has further enhanced his competence by continued self studies on a higher level and by visits to many of the wine regions of the world and there made a high number of visits to producers with the aim to, together with the local expertise, understand what determines the quality of wine and differences in style of wine. He has tasted several thousand wines together with winemakers and producers, at professional often land based tastings and at importers assortment tastings.

At the same time the interaction between wine and food has fascinated Anders that has tasted considerable combinations of wine and food in different wine regions as well as at home to verify established sommelier recommendations and stretch the limits for what combines well.

What started as curiosity about which are the best wines of the world and how wine and food pairs developed into a project to put together the knowledge and make it available to all wine lovers and connoisseurs. The results of all work, which has large resemblance to research, are the two sites och

What is fine wine?

Wine with high intensity of aromas and taste, often with complex aromas. Fruit, sweetness, tannins, acidity and alcohol are well balanced in an apparent structure. Possible wood characteristics are well integrated. Good length and enjoyable aftertaste. Obvious expression of grape variety and growth place, so called terroir. Fine wines fulfil these criterias to different extents.

Finding fine wine

On the site one finds the best wines of the world with acknowleged high quality, independent of price or brand strength. All styles of wine are represented. The wines are selected with an as objective analysis as possible, independent of commercial influence as e.g.advertising. We are independent from all importers and producers. All wines that fulfill our absolute quality criteria for fine wine and that we know of are included. Our independence guarantees that only wines that we regard as living up to our criteria are listed rather than wines that producers or importers would like to include. Price of wines can vary from approx $20 up to several hundred $ per bottle.

To find fine wines in different parts of the world, high competence is required. Among expensive wines there are many examples of wines that cannot always be classified as fine wines and among less expensive wines, fine wines are hidden among the high volume of not so good wines. The selection is built upon an extensive research on where to find the best wines of the world and makes use of a variety of sources as local visits, winetastings, information from producers, wine litterature, nationally published judgements, wine industry bodies, wine magazines, wine ratings, websites, leading wine experts judgements etc. The world of wine is full of misleading or at least exaggerated or dampened judgements, hence the impressions many times must be filtered heavily. This requires high competence on sommelier level.

One can easily search the wines by origin, style of wine or name. The wines are presented in a wine list corresponding to the search criteria. For every wine there is a description about the wine and a judgement about the producer of the wine. The description about genre style of wine is partly subjective and shall be viewed as approximately typical and not be seen as a so called tasting note. The description about maturity and cellaring capability is also approximately typical and refers to the age of the wine when it is normally sold the first time.

For those that want to build or possess their own wine cellar we can help to bring order and system into your wine cellar. We can make an impartial assessment of your wines by our sommelier. We provide a list showing your wines and their quality level and cellaring capability. We can also provide a recommendation on wines with cellaring capability to get or complement what you have, based on your preferences. Charged separately. For those that want to make a selection themselves one can search for wines based on cellaring capability on the site.

Requires membership. There are demos to show how it works before buying a membership.

Pairing wine and food

On the site one finds wine and food pairing online. Wine and food pairing is a typical sommelier task. Here is one of the most advanced sommelier based and algorithm controlled functions for wine and food pairing in the world. It is not possible to recommend wine for food solely based on generalities like fish, meat etc. There are many factors playing a role in making good recommendations. One has to know, in addition to the basic type of food, also cooking method and which ingredients and accessories that are included, at least those that are decisive for the selection of wine. You are guided to gradually make a number of choises adapted to being able to make a relevant and sommelier based recommendation. It works in the way a sommelier thinks but can automatically handle millions of simultaneous combinations professionally.

One can start with the food by first selecting type of food, followed by food and cooking method and thereafter ingredients and accessories if such exist as a choise. The pairing is automatic and is presented stepwise to increase overview. First you will see suitable types of wine (red soft, white crisp etc), followed by different grape varieties alternatively countries dependent upon which route is preferable and thereafter styles of wine described as geographical origins and grape varieties with style details. One can stop here at style of wine or, if interested in which fine wines would be suitable, continue and see a wine list. One subtlety, if wanted, is to include aroma mirroring in the pairing, which in such case is requested at an early stage.

One can also start with the wine by first selecting type of wine, followed by different grape varieties alternatively countries and thereafter styles of wine described as geographical origins and grape varieties with style details. The pairing is automatic and is presented stepwise to increase overview. First you will see suitable types of food, followed by different food with cooking methods and thereafter possible ingredients and accessories if such exist. Since a very high number of combinations of ingredients and accessories are possible, one is requested to select among a number of them in order to arrive at a relevant sommelier based final pairing. It would otherwise not be possible to overview the result. This step can be a little bit tricky and one can refrain from it, but will then not always have a correct pairing since ingredients and accessories can be very determining. For help there are suggestions about what ingredients and accessories that are missing.

Easy to use for wine lovers as well as connoisseurs, possibly with exception of the last step from wine to food.

Requires membership. There are demos to show how it works before buying a membership.

Access to the sites online

Both sites are available for large screens as well as pocket size screens for mobile. No downloading is required as for apps, instead they are accessed directly online by web browser. One can add bookmarks for the sites to the mobile screen to appear as app icons. Log in is made using email address and password. We use cookies for navigation on the sites and for log in.


For using the services membership is required. The membership includes both sites Finding fine wine and Pairing wine and food.

The price is $9,99 inclusive of 25% VAT for 12 months. The membership cannot be cancelled during the 12 month period and ends without notice after 12 months. There is no right to cancel after purchase of membership. The service is immediately available after purchase in the form of information on the sites. Membership is paid by Visa or Mastercard. We use the security standard Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode. The amount is drawn from the card directly at purchase. Membership requires that you register as customer with name, email address and a password. You have to be more than 20 years old.

Home design and the best dinner table decoration

We also have a shop with online sales of a selected quality range in Swedish design items for the dinner table or home. We believe the decoration to be very important for the presentation of food and wine, magnifying the impression. Our focus is beautiful, luxurious and elegant design. Something to love for many years ahead. We have a few articles, mainly Swedish design, in the categories linen tablecloths, wineglass, wine accessories, porcelain, ceramics, cutlery, candlesticks in wood, brass and pewter, candle holders, vases, napkin rings, coasters, placemats, pots, bouls and other table decorations. Varmly welcome to browse the range and purchase online at

Fine wine & table Nordic, registered in Sweden and based in Stockholm, is responsible for marketing.

Fine wine & table Sweden, registered in Sweden and based in Stockholm, makes purchase agreement and is responsible for delivery.

Do you have views

Fine wine is a large subject. If you are a member and have views about the sites and their content we are happy to hear about it. If we missed some good wines please tell us. If you lack food, ingredients or complements in the wine and food pairing please come up with suggestions. Use Contact in the menu to email to us.

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